How to maintain the sandwich machine to use it for a long time?

Author: admin / 2022-09-01
If you use the sandwich machine daily, you need to pay attention to its maintenance, which can prolong the service life. How to maintain the sandwich maker?
1. Pay attention to keep the wires and plugs dry. If the plugs and wires accidentally enter the water, it will cause a short circuit of the wires, and other safety problems such as leakage.
2. Place the sandwich maker in a low temperature and dry place, and use it at high temperature, which is easy to cause its explosion.
3. In the process of using the sandwich machine, the user should try not to leave, and also cannot move the machine easily, otherwise it is easy to be scalded or cause circuit problems.
4. The power line should be kept away from the heat source, and when the power line is found to be damaged, immediately disconnect the circuit, stop using it, and take it to a special repair shop for repair.
5. After use, turn off the power switch in time to prevent other circuit problems.
6. Even if the sandwich maker is not used, when the sandwich maker is stored in humid air, it should be cleaned from time to time, and should be stored in a dry, moisture-free place as much as possible.