How to use a mini curling iron

Author: admin / 2022-09-15
1. Control the temperature of the curling iron
When curling hair, you must first start with the temperature to do a good job of basic defense. The temperature that the curling irons on the market can set is generally between 80-200 degrees, and there are also some curling irons that can heat up independently, and the temperature can be as high as 200 degrees. Generally speaking, the temperature of the curling iron should be controlled below 120 degrees as much as possible, so as not to particularly damage the hair. If the hair is slightly thicker, it can be heated to about 150 degrees. When using the curling iron, it is best to preheat for 20 seconds, strive for one molding, and reduce the repeated curling of the curling iron on the same piece of hair, which can also reduce the damage of the curling iron to the hair.
2. Choose a curling iron with ceramic treatment on the surface
Which curling iron is better? In order to minimize the damage of the curling iron to the hair, it is best to choose a matte material with ceramic treatment on the surface, which is not only easy to comb, but also less damaging to the hair. Because the bright surface material conducts heat quickly, it is easy to damage the hair and burn the head. In addition, choose the electric curling wand as the steam hair styling mode, the styling is faster and longer, and its steam function can reduce heat damage.
3. Use anti-heat curling products
Many people use leave-in conditioners or conditioners as anti-heat products. In fact, these products are not particularly good in anti-heat and are not enough to protect the hair. The heat-resistant products specially designed for thermal operation can absorb heat and solidify, forming a protective film on the surface of the hair to resist the damage of hair dryers and curling irons to the hair. However, it must be used when the hair is completely dry to play the heat-resistant effect of the product.
4, one hour after washing your hair, then ironing
Another thing to note is that it is best to iron your hair an hour after shampooing. After shampooing, the hair cuticles are open and the water content of the hair is relatively large. At this time, if you rush to dry and use a curling iron for styling, it will accelerate the evaporation of water and the hair cuticles will also be damaged. After shampooing for an hour, the hair is naturally dry and the scales are closed. At this time, the damage to the hair will not be so great if the perm is performed again.
5. Do not use wet hair conditioners on your hair
Some MM are accustomed to using some hair conditioner or conditioner on semi-dry hair, and then perm treatment, thinking that the hair is covered with oil, which will definitely reduce the thermal damage caused by the curling iron. In fact, the oil coats the hair so that the moisture is less likely to evaporate, prolonging the exposure time of the hot air, and the heat damage is even greater.